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What's Underneath

Please Music Works is a post-production music company dedicated to the creation of original music for multimedia projects. At heart, we are a collective of artists from around the world who are united by a single desire to innovatively create music with an edge that transcends style and genre. We work collaboratively on projects of any scale to quickly turn around large volumes of work inspired by our group's diversity, fueled by our versatility and ultimately characterized by a unified voice and vision. Please Music Works is based in Los Angeles and New York City.



Please MusicWorks

New York office:
P.O. Box 0210
New York, NY 10025

Los Angeles office:
P.O. Box 29176
Los Angeles, CA 90029-0176

Artistic Directors

Kiku Enomoto
Music Contractor & Producer
tel. ext. 2
Charlene A. Huang
tel. ext. 3

Staff Members

Joshua Rubin
assistant music contractor
Ben Irle
Legal Affairs